With our Technical and Market Expertise and Africa at heart, we go above and beyond to deliver new-age technologies that open up new possibilities and new opportunities for tomorrow


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Africa as a technology marketplace is rapidly evolving. Its capability to absorb new technology is growing by the hour and there is a need to feed the growing demand. And for that, we as ICT Distributors Limited come in as a B2B value-added distributor of emerging technologies and international brands in IT. The ICT Distributors model on delivering technology across Africa through established and trusted resellers. Our resellers who we view their success as our own have experienced unwavering support, commitment, and trust from us. Want to be One?


Being a channel partner with us offers you the advantage of tapping into new opportunities, expanding your product portfolio, and increasing the customer base. We guarantee unwavering support, commitment, and trust.

                                 Our Promise:

  • Competitive pricing on all products.
  • Wide range of technology products.
  • Just in time supply
  • Regular training on products and services
  • Channel incentives like discounts.
  • Communication on products and technology updates.


ICT Distributors Limited prides itself on its ability to service market-leading brands in the IT market. Emerging technologies as well as large brands have given us the mandate to distribute their products and services. We believe in the strength of cohesion and the success of working together built on trust and mutually beneficial partnerships.

                                         Our Promise:

  • A robust network of resellers in ICT products and services.
  • An understanding of the African market in technology.
  • A quicker and easier route to the market.



Ncomputing is an innovative, award-winning, high-performing desktop virtualization solution. Compute Smartly!


Bosch Thermotechnology has spearheaded this innovation and come up with products that have reduced energy costs for higher efficiency. 

Firewall Solutions

WatchGuard takes all of these technologies and offers them in a package that is easy to consume for small-to-midsize businesses that are without dedicated security teams.

What Sets Us Apart


Backed up with othe 30 years of technical expertise and intense research and develpoment, we glady say that we know IT and we fully understand the African Market when it comes to ICT.


Technology is dynamic and better keeps on coming. We believe that the best is yet to come. From artificial intelligence to 5G communications, new opportunities and new possibilities.


We are committed to scaling he business heights together. We bring home the advantage of tapping into new opportunities. Working together for a better World.

We provide the much-needed linkage to a robust network of ICT products and services .

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