The Mx-Series Ncomputing is the upshot when it comes to desktop virtualization. It is a solution that consists of Vspace Server Software and MX series thin clients access devices. This MX-Series combines the best features of the popular M-Series and X-Series with enhanced multimedia performance, superior graphics and support for the Gigabit network.

With it comes alot of advantages in terms of affordability, green computing and high performance.As the industry’s premier 3-in-1 thin client offering, the MX-series delivers a high-quality, media-rich Windows desktop experience to 3-users. The end to end solution is built to be simple in deployment, operation and maintenance. The hardware software and protocol components work seamlessly to provide the best user experience

                                                                              Its notable advantages include;

  • Reduce cost of acquisition by 65%, maintenance cost by 80% and energy cost by 90% compared to an all Personal Computer solutions
  • Deliver up to 70% saving in Total Cost of Ownership  over a period of time.
  • Extend your desktop refresh periods by a factor of two.
  • One MX100 kit supports 3-users and costs less than a single Personal Computers.


The MX 100s is compatible with ncomputing Vspace Server 8.4 and Vspace Pro. It is compatible with Vspace for Linux. Its flexibility in deployments is in using LAN or Direct connect ( MX 100D which uses PoE – Power over Ethernet to directly connect to your host computer.) In this case we shall use LAN. Using the existing LAN, 3 users can connect to Vspace Server through a single network connection as illustrated below.

The number of users that can be supported depends primarily on the capability and resources available to the host computer running the vSpace Server Software. Ncomputing recommends that for general office productivity in computing, 1GHz of CPU performance  and 2GB Dram for each user. Going by these parameters of single quad -core CPU clocked at 3.0 GHz with 24GB DRAM can support upto 12 users.

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