Rx300 is a cloud-ready, Wi-Fi enabled thin client for windows and Linux, built on the latest raspberry pi 3 platform and optimized for vSpace pro and Verde VDI, and Microsoft rds.

Easy deployment and central management of the virtual desktop environment make the rx300 ideal in SMBS and education.

The compact Rx300 device offers the lowest acquisition cost of NComputing’s product families.


  • Latest Windows OS in a desktop virtualization
  • Easy to deploy, Wi-Fi enabled, central management & low acquisition cost
  • Multi-protocol support including vSpace Pro (UXP protocol), VERDE VDI (RDP and UXP protocols), and Microsoft RDS (RDP protocol)
  • Full fidelity multimedia playback with NComputing vCAST Streaming and Microsoft RemoteFX support
  • Broad USB peripheral support
  • Dual monitor display capability
  • Popular programmable computers support (Arduino and BBC Microbit) for educators​

We provide the much-needed linkage to a robust network of ICT products and services .

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